Blake + Courtney: Proposal in Downtown Woodstock, GA

We had the privilege of being asked to capture a sweet proposal last week by a romantic young man who had the presence of mind to hire a photographer to chronicle the story. Right off the bat we were impressed with his consideration for his future bride- who among us doesn’t wish that we had pictures of our own proposals? It is, after all, a pivotal moment that changes our lives forever.

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We headed to the gazebo in downtown Woodstock, Georgia to scout our hiding places (of which there were none! It’s so open!). Blake had asked us to sort of hang back and document the proposal in such a way that Courtney wouldn’t know we were there. We worked with Blake in the days leading up to the event to maneuver ourselves and the couple in a way that allowed us to capture the proposal and tell the story the way he envisioned it.

Blake’s “cover story” included a walk through downtown Woodstock before a dinner with friends, ending up at the gazebo where they first held hands. I could see them approaching from my vantage point, a bench near the fountain, and knew that my partner-in-crime was waiting in the car to capture shots from behind them as they entered the park.

From there the event unfolded perfectly into the sweetest proposal. Charlene (my fellow photog) and I both wiped away tears as Blake dropped to one knee and Courtney, totally surprised, reacted to the moment. After she gave him her hand and her agreement to merge their lives into one, he introduced us to his future bride- who was even more surprised to discover the lengths her fiance had gone to in preparation for this moment. “Are we even meeting our friends for dinner?!” she asked. “Ummm… no,” he sheepishly replied before they both broke into laughter.

We followed up the proposal with some sweet engagement portraits that capture the essence of their relationship and the very beginning of their family story. We enjoyed watching the sweet couple laugh together as they celebrated a day that started like any other and ended in the promise of two becoming one.

Now that we’ve enjoyed seeing this sweet couple embark on the newest part of their journey together, here’s a little bit about Blake and Courtney’s story, written by Blake himself:

“Our story I definitely feel like is unique. We actually met online and our first date was built on a solid foundation (like any relationship) of a mutual love of tacos. As we walked and talked in subsequent dates we learned that not only did we have the same hobbies, likes, and interests but also the same hopes, dreams, and passions as well. As we’ve grown closer over the past year we have become the closest of friends, best of confidants, and the best support that either of us could ever hope for. Our goal for our relationship is simple, and it hasn’t changed from day 1. To model Christ’s love to one another as best we can. Now we are happy to finally begin this journey together.”

Congratulations, Blake and Courtney. We wish you happiness and joy that sweetly deepens as your family story continues to unfold.

You can view more images from their proposal in their special slideshow here!

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